Multitasking Turning Center

Multitasking Turning Center

A multitasking turning center is also called a CNC multitasking turning machine, that is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on an axis of rotation to perform various machining operations such as cutting, drilling, sanding, knurling, deformation, facing, and turning; such machining are conducted with tools that are applied to the work piece and to create an object with symmetry with the axis which is driven by the primary spindle set. 

Vertical Machining Technology

Under usual circumstances, turning machines are categorized into two main types according to the way that clamp the work pieces. Those are vertical lathe and the horizontal counterparts. For the former, the work piece is held vertically and the cutting tool is mounted on the same direction so that the machining is undertaken vertically. This allows the clamping to be fixed and more stern with the gravity acting on the work piece. 

Compared to horizontal methodology, vertical turning machines are usually designed in ways to ascertain optimum precision, allowing them to be one of the most prevailing machines in various industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, and sports equipment sectors, as well as other fields that work with larger sized projects.

To elaborate further, the spindles of vertical turning lathes are also located behind the chuck, while some may be belt-driven, and some may be other types of driving mechanisms. As with other machining centers and milling machines, turning lathes are sometimes complemented by power tools and magazines to enhance its functionality and versatility, leading to wider processing possibilities for users.

A power turret is a standard and modern accessory for CNC turning machines these days. As one of the most prevalent accessories to CNC lathes, Taiwanes suppliers have looked to exploit such business opportunity by developing many renowned power turrets that are later on considered to be the standard-bearer in markets worldwide. 

Many of these power turrets are powered by a single motor, often a servo motor, which can ascertain the best machining result and reduce energy consumption. Meanwhile, they also provide great rigidity onto the work pieces, rendering an ideal cutting performance. 

Besides, there are power turret, tool magazine and the automatic too changer (ATC), they are also the best sellers of Taiwanese machine tool accessory suppliers. Taiwan’s tool magazine and ATC system offers the optimal tool to tool time to customers based on their cycle time engineering, and can help manufacturers keep up with the order demands. 

The Development Outlook

Compared with the worldwide competitors, Taiwanese know how to provide comprehensive services to global customers with the best planning according to the local circumstances, hence the productions that make use of machine tools and accessories have actually become an ongoing trend to fulfill demands in the modern era.

Taiwan is also known for being capable of developing state-of-the-art spindles and chucks as well as the corresponding hydraulic cylinders. In conjunction with the CNC turning machine market, a broad range of lathe products and accessories are also widely used across industrial sectors. At the same time, CNC horizontal lathes that embody conventional designs have also been massively developed and adopted for over a century. 

The horizontal nature allows the turning machine to be maintained and used at ease, and are applicable to an even larger extent throughout the industries thanks to the superb convenience and design. Therefore, there is no standard answer to either horizontal or vertical is better for users, but only about the application sectors in the market. 

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