About CIMT: Classification of International Manufacturing Teletrading Source

The use of web portals in the industry is considered the most efficient way for users all over the world to have instant access to their targeted products, be it types of machinery, units, materials, etc. The Classification of International Manufacturing Teletrading Source (CIMT) is one of the largest machinery sites designed specifically for global buyers from various industrial sectors to look for professional types of machinery based on the site’s competent classifications. The inventories set on the CIMT site are designed by skillful industrial insiders from various sectors. These experts know what manufacturers need based on their profound experiences in their belonging business areas.

Classic & Modernized

The CIMT site integrates the latest supportive technologies such as AI smart helpers and industrial channels with the existing common industrial inventories. This combination can easily make suppliers know better about not only the primary capital goods they need but also the supportive equipment they may ignore at first but turn out to be critical in the production lines. As a result, besides the professional classification inventory that helps users to find their targeted products faster, the CIMT AI genie would also suggest some other necessary details they need to consider as well if they want to make their production line smooth.

Smart and Multilingual

CIMT web portal is built with multilingual support, so industrial buyers and business decision-makers can surf on the site with the languages they feel most familiar with because we understand how fast and productive it is for users to look after items in their native languages.

CIMT team designs the site using different languages as the different commonplaces for people from different linguistic backgrounds to access the CIMT database, making all the product characteristics shown sparkly to international purchasers. The easy peasy interface helps all the users easy to know and easy to inquire for the posted items on the site and the corresponding teletrading functionalities can accelerate buyers’ planning of their production lines and plants. This mature business model is the best platform for suppliers all over the world and across all the industrial sectors.

Sparkling Product Feature Exposure

In both networked B2B and B2C business models, product features and machine specifications are the focused phases that are shown on the online platforms for advertisers to show the advantages of their goods and services. In this phase, the CIMT site offers cutting-edge online stages for advertisers to post not only their products but also their industrial solutions as well as other exclusive services. All the distinguished and valuable characteristics are put together and presented in front of buyers.

Moreover, visitors’ surfing tracks and their experiences are highly evaluated by the CIMT team. Those precious records will be studied and considered for a futuristic facelift for the CIMT site, therefore this professional industrial platform is dynamic and ever-growing.

CIMT Services

With the ever-increasing industrial database, the functions and classification methods of the CIMT web portal will be updated systematically and periodically. We dedicate ourselves to the upgrade of the site to keep pace with the latest manufacturing trends along with the industrial fashions in services.

One of the most direct ways to communicate with buyers on the CIMT site is the MTS industrial channel, which brings the current news and the latest achievements of suppliers to the site. Visitors can make direct communications with registered members of the CIMT site and discuss their blueprints and plans with the mechanical experts as well as other pros from different areas. This direct connection we build has already helped a lot of buyers and suppliers cooperate at a smooth pace and make the final results perfect for every participant.

Join Us and Make Business Happens

Here we invite all the global industrial suppliers to register on this site and participate in this 24-7 exhibition platform to maximize your business profits with the least costs and expenses. We are experienced industrial media that has been accumulating industrial data for about three decades, and we have helped countless partners build their business connections via our various platforms. Come to know and join the CIMT site and make the best choices for your products and industrial services.

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International Manufacturing Teletrading Sources (IMTS) is your key to unlock the door to the industry from anywhere around the world, at any time.